“With so much pampering, personalized service and friendly staff, every session at EPI TREATZ is more than just merely a facial session.” – Noly

“Very good service. Enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Thanks!” – Lynn & Julie

“Two Thumbs Up!! Highly recommended as the staff are polite and professional. A+++++” – Josephine Ng

“Cyndy, thank you for the lovely massage. My skin enjoyed it very much.. You have magical hands!” – Jo.

“Services are very comfortable. Rooms are very clean and neat.” – Stelene Djie

“A very relaxing and comfortable environment. Love the scent and music too!”

“EPI TREATZ ROCKS! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin!” – Ree

“Thank you EPI TREATZ for great service every session.” Isabelle

“It was a relaxing facial and the massage was great!” – Sharon

“Thank you for the great service. The best part of it all is the fact that I don’t feel pressurized to purchase anything. ” – Teresa

“Very relaxing. Totally enjoyable.” – Daralle

“Consultants are very patient and equipped with good product knowledge. Enjoyable experience.” – Heliz

“Extremely friendly service. Value for money. And definitely the best facial in town. Keep up the good work.” – Ally

“Friendly environment. Not pushy. Using only the best products. Sure to come back!” – Mok

“Excellent service and friendly staff who are able to recommend the most suitable treatment. Thumbs Up!” – Victor

“The experience was awesome. Service was good and service staff was warm and gentle and friendly. Definitely Recommended!”

“This is a very nice place for facial treatment. I will definitely stick to this place.” – Sharon

“Thanks! I have very sensitive skin. After trying other facials which did not help. I tried here and it is excellent. Suits my skin. Good & warm staff. Good service.” – Sonia

“Wonderful service. Gorgeous decor. Impressive treatment. Thumbs Up for EPI TREATZ.” – Mabel

“I like the treatment process. It doesn’t hurt as much as others. Moreover, beauticians help teach me about my skin.”

“Very good service. Can really see improvement to my skin. Very professional staff too. Great job!”

“Superb service and very relaxing massage. Fantastic!” – Wendy

“I’ve been a patron of Epi Treatz for 2 years now, going for their facials when I have time. There are two particular ladies who usually does my facial and they are very friendly, constantly engaging me in light conversation about my life and studies before and after the facial. I would usually make appointments at least a day beforehand in case they’re busy, and they are quite flexible about changing appointments.

Each facial under my package lasts for about 1.5 hours, and is rather relaxing. They also do extraction for whiteheads which can be a little painful at times and temporarily leaves reddened spots, so it is best to avoid going out after a facial.

Very informative, patient and amiable staff.” – Ryan Kwa

“A good experience. Will come back.” – Ee Meng

“Epitreatz is a good reliable facial centre that doubles up as a relaxing one and half hour of sleep to nice instrumentals if you are quite in need of that after a long week. While their prices are higher than neighbourhood facial salons, their services and products make up for the gap and you would pay approximately $90 each time for 90 minutes of pampering and quiet time. They assess your skin each time, and I especially like the cool oxygen treatment after they have thoroughly washed and scrubbed your face. It does make your skin feel supple and hydrated. I can hardly fight the urge to sleep after 15 minutes into my facial treatment, and the service is intimate and friendly here. The beauticians do not constantly hard sell, but they do recommend once in a while and their advices are often sound rather than just marketing.
What’s more they all have great translucent skin! It gives you the confidence to be under their care, but secretly envious as well for how flawless their skins are.” – Carol W.