Instant Skin Whitening & Lifting with Just One Treatment!!!


Wow, an awesome treatment at Epi Treatz.

A good treatment is one that answers to your skin concern without any pain or unease. I could definitely say the laser white treatment has the solution to a whiter and toned complexion. You can see the outcome with just one treatment! As a hectic entertainer, we are always on the go and our lifestyle has definitely influenced the way we select our skincare regime. Effective and simple skincare regime is perhaps the basis of clear looking skin. However, to further enhance the complexion, treatments are definitely essential.

When comes to skincare treatment, most of us are worried of painful extraction or complicated steps or even unknown of what are being applied on our face. For Keithz’s Laserwhite treatment, the therapist clearly explains to me before every application of the treatment process. Most importantly, there are no machines involved! No extraction and no painful reaction on the skin. With ultra sensitive skin, this is definitely important for me.

As a singer, it is important for me to look great at all times, especially during stage performance. Not only does this treatment clear up the impurities on the skin, it also instantly lifts up my skin, keeping them looking firm and radiant.

I will highly recommend Keithz’s Laserwhite treatment to everyone. Unbelievable, try it today and you will not be disappointed.


Aydan Ang Yinhuai.

Creative Director, Founder of AydanStudio.

Singer, Performer and Vocal Coach.